What mom doesn’t want to look trendy in her leggings and tunic tops? Did you know you could buy two or three pairs of prescription glasses for the same price as your LuLaRoe or Piphany (previously known as Honey and Lace) leggings? While off work after having my twins, I became a full-fledged lover of fancy and fashionable prescription eyeglasses. I have worn contacts since seventh grade and was a huge contact wearer until recently. Sparing the extra time in the morning to get my contacts in gave me an extra few minutes of sleep. Any extra sleep this new twin mom could receive was a huge benefit!

My eyeglass secret is an online eyeglass retailer called Zenni Optical. Zenni was brought to my attention for the first time last fall. I became friends with a super chic art teacher friend at the Breastfeeding Support Group at Silver Cross Hospital. She looked adorable in her baby blue full rim plastic glasses. I needed them! I couldn’t believe she had only spent $12 on prescription eye glasses. The $12 not only included the frame, but also the prescription lenses! I was nervous to order glasses online, because eye technicians weren’t available to help with my perfect fit, but thought I would try it for such a good price. I was so glad I did! Zenni’s glasses have become one of my favorite new trends and I now own five of their glasses! They all fit and all look great! I love a good deal!

Zennioptical.com offers a huge variety of eyeglasses: full rim metal, full rim plastic, full rim eyeglasses made of mixed materials, half rim glasses, rimless, sunshades and eyeglasses for women, men and children. The price for these eyeglasses range from $15 to $25, but start as low as $6.95.

Price: $6.95 These are my first pair of Zenni Optical glasses and I get a crazy amount of compliments about them every time I wear them.

I enjoy wearing different eyeglasses for different occasions and I like to match my glasses to different outfits. Zenni Optical has made it possible for my eyeglasses to be a changeable accessory like earrings or necklaces (and possibly cheaper). On top of having such reasonable glasses, Zenni also offers the options to use a coupon code at checkout and get a discount. I have a $5 off discount code for ordering with @galswhinetime: https://goo.gl/3gNj4Y. There is no expiration on this discount code! Enjoy!

(left) Price: $9.95 I had so much fun matching my purple Zenni glasses to my purple dress! (right) Price: $25.95 I absolutely adore my clear round rimmed Zennis!

How to order?

In order to place your prescription eyeglass order from Zennioptical.com, you must have an eye doctor give you your prescription. As eyeglass wearers, we know our prescription, but there is an axis number needed to order prescription eyeglasses online with Zenni Optical. I’m not too sure what this axis number is, but luckily my optometrist knows! If you have had an eye exam in the last year, you can stop by your eye doctor to pick up your prescription. Zenni will not ask for a copy of your prescription; you must only enter information from the paperwork from your eye doctor. You will also need to measure your pupillary distance. My husband helped me measure the distance between my pupils while we laughed that we were playing doctor. If we successfully measured my pupillary distance, so can you! Zenni’s website offers video resources to make ordering glasses as easy as possible. There is also an option on Zennioptical.com to simulate trying on glasses just as if you would if you were at your local America’s Best Eyeglasses. Shoppers are given the option to upload a personal picture while looking over the offered eyeglasses. When you put the cursor over a pair of eyeglasses, you get a preview of how a pair of eyeglasses look on your face in the picture that you have previously uploaded. Here is what the simulator looks like:

Discount Code

Have I won you over? Don’t you want a pair of glasses that cost the same as two grande lattes? I have a $5 off discount code for ordering with @galswhinetime: https://goo.gl/3gNj4Y. There is no expiration on this discount code! Go try a new pair of fun, stylish and designer looking prescription eyeglasses! You won’t be disappointed!

13 comments on “Zenni Optical is my Newest Mom Style”

  1. The eyeglasses look really cool on you. Adding a tinge of glamour, youth, and elegance altogether. Zenni Opticals seems like a go-to places for the eye glasses.

  2. Gonna buy me some new glasses. I just paid 100$ for my last pair With my vision insurance

  3. I’ve never had more than one pair of glasses at a time! What a luxury! And what fun styles!

    • It is so much fun to have multiple pairs of glasses! I only had one pair for the longest time, but am having so much fun with my Zennis!

  4. Great read! I just purchased a brand new pair of eyewear and even with insurance it can be pretty pricey. I can just send them my prescription and they mail me my new glasses😊. It’s a good alternative option! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow Zenni optical is really really cheap! Almost chocking cheap! And they have very nice frames aswell! A pair here in Switzerland can cost at cheapest 300$! My husband will love this!

    • I wonder if Zenni ships internationally. I’ll look into it.

      Sind Sie aus einer deutschsprachigen Stadt in der Schweiz?

  6. I don’t wear glasses, but can I just say that you look amazing! Those glasses are so spunky, love them!

  7. I love my Zennis! I had gotten prescription frames from the optometrist and ended up hating them, and I love that I was able to go to Zenni and find something I really like. And at a fraction of the price!

  8. Such cute glasses, and with really reasonable prices! Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  9. Wow for this price I need to get some new glasses. My last 2 pairs costs me well over $100 each.

  10. I wear glasses. Thanks for recommending to this online store. Looks like a perfect option for people like me. Going to order few.

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