“I would like you to consider this my two week notice.” is not the message anyone wants to read from their brand new nanny.  “Wait, what?” was my initial reaction. Then, my thoughts rushed straight to my precious three children. I couldn’t believe it! My nanny, who had only worked for us for four days, quit. I knew she was struggling, because we had just spent forty-five minutes talking through the problems she had the first week and she quit two hours later in a text message. Her unseemly immature behavior of quitting via text message was a huge surprise to me because she is the same age as me. I had to look at the text message a few times before actually understanding it. At first glance, I thought it could have been a joke because we had left off on such a good note. Boy, was I wrong! My return to work after a yearlong maternity leave after the birth of my twins was just made ten times more difficult because my kids are now childcare-less!

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