Iā€™m not even sure where to start when it comes to my second born. She has ALWAYS been, from birth until now, a very strong-willed beautiful little girl. She is very stubborn, tremendously strong minded and very LOUD! She has presented me and my husband with countless obstacles. We struggled with all of the discipline methods we have tried with her. One of our biggest difficulties with her is her attitude and her constant defiance of our rules. Practically everything I ask her to do I receive the response, “I don’t want to!” or “NO!” or “Why?” My husband and I also struggle with her defiant attitude. She constantly talks back to us with her sassy mouth. She has even resorted to yelling back at us, stomping to her room and slamming the door to try to get her way. UGH!!! Nothing has come easy with her!


She is a very intelligent little girl and does excellent in school. Unlike her behavior at home, her behavior at school is very good! Why can she act like a precious angel at school, but be a little gremlin at home? Lord help me!

I would love for my relationship with my seven year old daughter to be enjoyable and I want us to be close to her. It would be fantastic to enjoy quality time together, but I feel like we can’t have a good relationship because I am constantly trying to correct her disobedient behavior. If there is a rare occasion we are getting along, we are usually engaging in one of her many activities and playing by ALL of her rules and she WILL win! šŸ˜³

I often sit back and go along for the ride, because I know deep down she will grow up to be a strong-willed amazing woman. Iā€™m picturing her as a Judge Judy type, being a very successful woman that nobody wants to mess with! In the meantime, my hubby and I get our patience tested daily! There are times we just look at each other and laugh! We know no matter what we say or how we react she will argue with us! I’m so glad we have each other to lean on through this crazy fun life!

Cheers! To all the parents who have strong-willed children!


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  1. Lol, I like that you said “Judge Judy type” haha! Her strong willed personality will probably do her some good though! So great that you and your hubby have each other to lean on!

  2. Our oldest is strong willed and it is incredibly difficult. She just turned 13 and it is only getting worse. I feel you!

  3. Your baby girl is so adorable. I have a nineteen month old son who displays strong willed behavior too. šŸ‘¶

  4. Thanks for sharing. I have a newborn so I’m interested to see if he will be strong willed

  5. Who and what will our daughter become when she’s older is always a topic of conversation between my husband and I. At 18 months she is so strong willed, it will be interesting to see how this translates as she gets older. Cheers mama!

  6. It is tough but I’m pretty sure everything will be worth it. I’m struggling myself with both kids. Lol

  7. I think that is the problem with 2nd child..they are so
    strong and have a strong will too..

    My 2nd child is only 1 years old and I can see that she is already bullying her 5 year brother..šŸ˜³

  8. I love that quote about living with her in the meantime! I totally understand that feeling!

  9. Huhuhu.. just wait until she is 13… And rude and self opinionated.. my daughter can be sweet at times and so rude at times I feel like washing out her mouth with soap!

  10. Oh dear, can’t imagine the stress that you are going through and she is still so young. Hang in there, is all I can say. LOL

  11. Such an adorable daughter you have! Hope that one day I will have one like you too =)

  12. No worries. People change as they grow after meeting different people, encounter in different challenges. They will make up their mindset eventually. šŸ™‚

  13. She is just one amazing kid… she knew how to make you miss her when she is not around… her ‘loud’.. lolz

  14. My 6 year old has always been my strong willed child as well! Takes after me! Don’t worry! She will do great things in life one day with this trait! : )

  15. A strong-willed kid will certainly grow up as a strong-willed person. A cute girl you have there too.

  16. I don’t have a daughter yet. But I wish my daugter is strong to fight evil in this world.

  17. Your daughter is beautiful, hope that she will grow up to be one wise strong women.

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