My family was broken apart by divorce when I was twelve. My home life was ripped away from me. I was forced to jump into the beginning of my teens when my family life was breaking up. The life I was used to was gone.

As a result of my unstable home life, I began to turn to the wrong people for love and attention. I was seeking acceptance with all of the wrong people. I didn’t see how valuable I was and I was selling myself short.

Between bad influential friends and repeatedly making bad decisions, I was lost. The people I surrounded myself with treated me like garbage. I had NO self respect at all for myself!

Things began to change for me for the better at the age of twenty. I met the man of my dreams; my husband! I knew in my heart he was my soul mate. How could I love myself enough to make this work? He was ready for love, but I didn’t love myself. As we began our relationship, I lugged all my baggage with. He didn’t deserve the mud I dragged him through! He stood by my side and helped me overcome my past.

I have chosen to move forward. I look at the life I have created with my husband and I see how amazing it is. Why does it take your life to flash before your eyes to cherish the most important treasures?

Each day I’m making positive changes to better myself. I pray everyday, I look myself in the mirror every morning and say “I love you,” I am doing yoga and most importantly, I’ m cherishing every moment like it is my last.

You do not have to be a prisoner of your past. People are allowed to be human and make mistakes. The most important lesson from pain is to learn and grow from it.


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