Toddler and Dog for Sale

Tonight, my toddler, aka Norbert, decided it was okay to go potty in a USPS box that was going to be mailed to a customer. There was no way my costumer ordered a box of pee with her shirt! My easy clean up solution was to throw everything in the tub while I mopped the floor. This was definitely the wrong solution. I learned quickly to never leave my kid in the tub unsupervised. Not only could she have drowned, but other messy things could happen in tub. Something did happen: POOP!  If you haven’t fished out floating poop from the tub, you are really missing out! Quickly, I got her out of the tub and “Oh shit!” I forgot to put a diaper on her! It was too late; Norbert just peed on the couch! WTF did this kid drink today?!

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I’m a mom & I deal with whining!

This morning I was woke up at 2am by my adorable snot nosed 2 year old. My mornings range from 2am to 6 am. I am STILL breastfeeding my 2 year old! She will NOT give it up! She calls my boobs “juice” and she calls dibs on which side she wants to juice for the day! She kicks and screams if I refuse to nurse her. I’ve tried to wean her off but for sake of my sanity I give in to her!

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