My hair journey has been a wild adventure of bad bangs, crazy curls, bleach blonde streaks, many hair extensions damaging my hair, balding caused from iron deficiency, postpartum hair loss and so on. I even went as far as cutting off my split ends one by one to avoid losing inches in a full on haircut. I have strived my entire life to get movie star hair. I have used good shampoos, but never had a favorite. I normally just bought what salon type shampoo Kohl’s was offering at the time with my Kohl’s cash. I had so many shampoos half started and told myself I’d used them all up before buying anything new. I looked at the bottles in my shower and was disgusted by what I saw. The shampoos and conditioners contained sulfates, artificial fragrances, harsh chemicals and worst of all, they test on animals. One of them even stated that the product was known to cause cancer in the state of California. Therefore, I’m all for trying cleaner products, especially if they can help me and others. Many friends have complained about postpartum hair loss and I know men who are not happy with their hair loss. Thinning hair affects your self-esteem and makes you feel self-conscious. There’s a fairly new hair care company that promises to remedy your hair called MONAT

My fellow twin mom friend, Kellie Beymer, asked if I wanted to try Monat out. I’d heard a bit about Monat, was close to finishing all my old shampoo bottles and ready for new products. FYI-I am a not a hair stylist and am fairly new to Monat. 


What I have been using: 

  • Revive Shampoo
  • Revitalize Conditioner
  • Black Shampoo & Conditioner

What I think:

Ease of Use

I really like the fun twist top tube packaging style of the Revive Shampoo and the Black Shampoo and Conditioner. All Monat’s shampoos do not contain sulfates; so they foam differently than regular shampoo. As my hair detoxes from my old junky shampoo, I am noticing more lather with every wash. It is a little magical. The scent of the Revive Shampoo (volume line) is really nice and fresh and what I would categorize as a “green” scent. The shampoo rinses out easily. The Black Shampoo smells like fresh wintergreen and tingles as it gives your scalp a deep clean. 

After shampooing twice (Monat must), I apply the Revitalize Conditioner. It smells nice and fresh too and feels rich without being too thick or heavy. It doesn’t contain silicones, which I love because sometimes hair conditioners just coat your hair to make it feel superficially slippery and smooth but it’s sort of a cheat.


I’ve seen a few comments online say these products are expensive, but if compared to many high end brands, I think the price point is pretty average. Plus, a little goes a long way since it’s not packed with odd fillers as some products are. You can save by buying sets or being a VIP member too. If you do become a VIP, the shampoo and conditioner set I use would break down to $28 each. VIP members receive a 15% discount and free shipping. To become a VIP member, you pay $19.99 once, which would be quickly returned to you with 15% off I’m and free shipping. 


After shampooing, conditioning, and hair drying as usual, I find my thin and delicate hair laying much better. It is sleeker, smoother and more manageable. After my first few Monat washes, I examined my part carefully. I didn’t see any white flakes (which embarrassingly were often there). I especially like how my hair feels from these products: clean, healthy, smooth and just plain nice. I’ve been dealing with a lot of annoying static and flyaway lately and I noticed that Monat totally eliminated that. 


  • Paraben free
  • Cruelty free
  • No sulfates
  • No silicones
  • No phthalates
  • No harsh colorants or fragrances
  • Products contain multiple natural oils
  • Encourage nature hair growth
  • Shipped to your home
  • VIPs receive 15% off their order


  • The product’s names don’t always following what their used for. For example, the Revive shampoo is for volumizing. Luckily, the bottle also states the shampoo is used to increase volume.
  • May be more costly than your current routine, but the products last a long time.
  • This is silly, but it’s pronounced mo-nate, but spelled Monat and in German, the word, Monat, means month

Do I recommend Monat? 

I do! Everyone deserves his or her best hair! After a few weeks, I liked their products so much that I decided to become a market partner for Monat. 

Please check out their products on this website:

 Contact Gals Whine Time if you have any other Monat questions! 

Email Virginia at to request free samples!

Take a glass of wine in the shower and spend some “you” time improving your lady Iocks!

XO, Ginny

5 comments on “I am mom & I deserve to have nice hair too!”

  1. I totally got what you were saying about feeling the old gunk wash out for the first few washes. I get that every time I “splurge” with a better shampoo. It feels so weird, almost gross, after the first wash. Then, a few later, it feels great! I’ll have to look into this brand. My mom hair needs help!

  2. Ahhhh I need really nice hair. A lot of people tell me its nice and that they love my long hair. But I honestly don’t think its nice at all. I need it more hydrated more and less split ends 🙂 Im going to check out this product.

  3. I have super fine hair that I haven’t had the guts to experiment with much for the fear of hairfall. That said, my hair is just awesome throughout pregnancy and since delivery, I haven’t bothered to look into the mirror to see how my is! Monat looks good. Thanks for the review.

  4. I like my hair but it is so wild and curly and I always try to get it straight. My hair needs more love from me.

  5. I have heard great things about Monat. I am glad you had a good experience with the product.

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