This morning I was woke up at 2am by my adorable snot nosed 2 year old. My mornings range from 2am to 6 am. I am STILL breastfeeding my 2 year old! She will NOT give it up! She calls my boobs “juice” and she calls dibs on which side she wants to juice for the day! She kicks and screams if I refuse to nurse her. I’ve tried to wean her off but for sake of my sanity I give in to her!

I’m battling with 3 strong willed tiny humans that control every aspect of my life, to top it I have a hormonal teenage boy that needs rides from here to Jamaica every day!

Sometimes, after a crappy day, I cuddle up next to one of my kids and just stare at them, apologizing in my head for just wanting to be far far away from them! On really bad days, days when we are all a hot mess of crazy outbursts and have irritated each other to the point of wanting to scream, just the simple pleasure of counting down to bedtime and the fact that they are still alive helps me stay sane!

I chose to be a SAHM when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I envisioned that I would have it made in the shade! WRONG! This is probably the hardest most demanding job I have ever had! I have to admit that there are days I wish I was back at work, having adult conversations, enjoying a quiet lunch, and using the bathroom without a baby on my lap!

I find myself running totally random and unnecessary errands for the sole purpose of being alone so I can blast my favorite songs and stare out the window mindlessly! When nothing else helps me calm down and sometimes this is the flipping case, I’ve been known to toss back a glass of wine to help check out of my crazy mind and chill the heck out.

13 comments on “I’m a mom & I deal with whining!”

  1. Same with me. I got two stepsons, one son teenager and one daughter growing up fast 10…. Bahhhhh

  2. You’re really the supermom! To be breastfeeding a 2 year old takes a lot of gumption so when are you weaning her off…hmm? Kudos to you for reminding me that even through the hysterics and snot nose, our children are our most loved.

  3. I am a homeschool mom of 4, going to college, and caring for my disabled husband… I love this! I am still up working on my blog (completely behind). Have a glass for me because I am out!

  4. I am a working mom, own my own business, and have 3 kids at home. Insanity, tears, and happiness are part of the job!! You are never alone!! It’s all part of the fun, right??

  5. As a nursing mom and a sahm I loved everything about this post! I can only imagine my son demanding juice at that age lol

  6. Just love your post. Your life is full of happenings and you doing great as a mother of four.

  7. You are an inspiring Mom, BEING a mom is not an easy task I do breast feed my son who is 2.5 yrs now. Loved reading your post.

  8. Being a SAHM is definitely the most difficult job I have ever had too! stay strong mama we all have those whiny snotty litlte ones lol

  9. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think a lot of moms tend to not be honest about stuff like this. And it’s so important for your own sanity and also to let other moms know they aren’t alone. I have a 3 year old and 6 month old and feel the same way some days.

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