I heart garage sales and wine! I’ve never thrown my own garage sale, but love attending them. If I ever host a garage sale, I will not have my children selling lemonade like little cute suburban kids, but rather have my husband tending bar to attract customers. Can you imagine a garage sale with gin and wine flowing? Awesome, right? On second thought, I would most likely be the one consuming the booze and would be giving away my kids’ old clothes like they were poker chips after a bad night on Fremont Street just to get rid of them.

The baby market is crazy expensive. I wish I was or was related to Mrs. Fisher (Margret Evans) Price. Yes, she is a real lady and unfortunately not my grandma. Families are lucky to get six months out of baby items with their expensive price tags. I have a handful of friends that have given birth to big babies and their babies were only able to wear newborn clothes for a few weeks (some never fit newborn clothes). Those baby showers are magnificent, but the baby items pile up after a short usage life quicker than they were unwrapped! What about toddlers’ toys? Oh my goodness! My son will get a new expensive toy and if I’m lucky, he’ll plays with it 3 days!

I would have never been a garage sale explorer if it wasn’t for the internet, namely Facebook, making garage sales easily accessible. It is genius! People take pictures of what their selling to advertise and I run right over! Old school garage salers do a slow drive-by checking out the goods, but new school garage sale shoppers do a simple swipe to check out the products and even negotiate prices without being there!

The deals I have found on baby and toddler items at garage sales are awesome! A few of my favorite deals are: brand new Keen’s toddler shoes for $5, almost new toddler snow boots (2 years in a row) for under $5, a toy Zamboni (awesome, right?), and practically a whole 3T wardrobe for my son for $25.

So ladies! Wine not check out your local garage sales? Your kids won’t whine about not getting anything new ever, because it is new to them! Spend some of the money you save on you, because I bet you don’t pamper yourself as much as you should! It is a win-win!

Wine on!


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