I asked my fifteen and a half year old daughter what she thinks I should write about for my next blog. I know, I look too young to have a teenager, but I do and she is great! Her response went something like, “What about the time you gave me a jalapeño pepper instead of a pickle? Maybe you should write about the time you forgot to pick me up from Sunday school and left me at church? How about writing about when you left the windows open as we drove through the car wash? Remember when you gave me a mudslide instead of chocolate milk? I think the time you gave me frozen rum balls instead of Nestle Dibs would make a great blog too!”

Of course, none of that actually happened! Well, not the way she remembers it. However, at the age of four, my daughter asked me, “Where does the moon go when the sun comes out?” She will never let me forget what I told her!  “You see Mada, there is a man that lives on the moon. This man gets hungry and needs to eat. So, lucky for him the moon is made of cheese. Cheese is made of mold and mold grows at night.” I proved my theory by showing her a famous picture of Neil Armstrong wearing his astronaut uniform hopping around on the moon when he said, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” I continued to explain, “The hungry man is why the moon sometimes is small and sometimes is big.” I never was able to explain where the moon goes during the day, because she was so excited about the big cheese ball in the sky that she wasn’t interested in any other details.

Well, I thought all parents told their children this silly story. Come on, I know you can all see the face in the moon. 

Now, let us fast forward a few years; Madalynn is now in kindergarten. Every night at bedtime, we would say, “Goodnight” to the man in the moon. Madalynn named the man in the moon her special “nightlight.” This one particular night, she did not say, “Goodnight” to him, but rather started to cry. Instead, she sobbed, “Mom, you lied to me! I will never believe you again!”  I was shocked! I had no clue what she was referring to. Well, that day in school, Madalynn and her classmates learned about the moon. The teacher asked the kids what they already knew about the moon. My proud Madalynn stood up and told her classmates about the moldy cheese eating man in the moon! The kids started to laugh and the teacher (bless her heart) told Madalynn the truth about the moon. 

I felt awful! At this moment, I wished if teachers are going to teach our kids things they should warn parents what they are going to teach so we teach the same thing at home!

It has been about ten years and my daughter still reminds me that I lied to her about the mold eating man in the moon. My next fear is when she finds out about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy! There is no doubt she will disown me as a parent! 

Currently on High Honor Roll, ROTC, Marching Band, Choir and much more. Mada is a wonderful big sister, daughter and my BFF.


Today is Madalynn’s first day of her sophomore year of high school. I want to thank all of her amazing teachers that have been correcting my bad parenting since 2005.




Big Hugs, Mandy 

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3 comments on “Fine Whine and Aged Cheese”

  1. Such precious innocence. We love to keep our children in make believe happy times but then they grow.!

  2. My children were told that the man in the moon sleeps while the sun is up. My aunts and uncles got out of this question by teaching me the song Mr. Moon and my parents never had an answer for me, probably because they were trying to answer all the other questions I asked.

    This year, I have an 8th grader and a Junior. A nice change from the chaos of having 4 in school at once. The older two graduated in 2015 and this past May.

  3. Super cute memory! And their childhoods happen far too fast…why can’t it still be magical?…sigh…

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