Do not let this adorable face fool you. Remember, we call her Norbert for a reason!
Are there any Harry Potter fans out there? 

Three months ago, her life flashed before my eyes. Writing and reliving this experience causes the chest pains I experienced to return.

One afternoon, while driving home on Interstate-355, this cute escape artist:

weaseled her arms out of her car seat! The following situation happened within seconds:

My two-year-old daughter grabbed the door handle! The door clicked open. The door opened just enough to make my door open light ding. My reaction was to instantly pull my car over and jump out. I opened her car door only to realize the car doors were locked; this is a safety feature on my car when the car is running.  I was relieved to realize my daughter was safe. I was happy I stopped to make sure she was safe. Then, my car started to roll! I was panicking; I pulled my car over quickly and must have forgotten to put on my parking brake! A normal car might not have rolled, but I was driving a manual car. To make this experience even more enjoyable for my fellow Interstate-355 drivers, I was wearing a short dress! Of course, it was a windy day and the wind blew my dress up over my head! Not only were my undies showing, but I also had a kid in the car laughing at me! To make this experience much more dreadful, cars were driving by honking at me as if I was a street show! Trust me; this was a mother’s worst nightmare.

Not to worry, I was able to save my rolling car with my laughing Norbert still inside. It was a warm day and my windows were open. I was able to reach in the rolling car and open the door from the inside. 

What I learned from this experience… 
1) It is safer for my child’s car seat to be in the middle of my back seat.
2) Check to make sure car child safely locks are working properly.

3) Double check to make sure car seat straps are tight and the harness is located across your child’s chest.
4) Always wear clean underwear and have an extra pair with you.
5) This trick!
6) Always use a parking break when on a hill while driving a manual car.
7) Sometimes its better just to use Uber! 

Big Hugs,
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