It’s that time of year again, yippee!!! Back to school time in my household means complete chaos!! My teenager is already shouting, “Mom, I need a WHOLE new wardrobe!!!” I would love new clothes, but I’m too fat to buy clothes. So instead of new clothes for this mom, I wear black faded capris and moo moo dresses!! 😬 My kids suddenly have no socks, underwear, shoes or clothes. How in the hell did they survive all summer? Were my kids naked all summer long?

Back to school time and I have a love hate relationship! I love the fact that my two oldest will be gone half the day! I hate that I have to get them up and yell for almost two hours straight to get them to eat breakfast, brush their teeth, get dressed, pack their lunches, and wipe those asses!!! Grrr…

This year I told myself I will put everything on my handy dandy calendar to pretend to be the ‘Mom of the Year.’ As I create this flipping calendar, I think to myself, “How the hell am I going to make this happen?” Thankfully I have an awesome mom village to lean on!!! You gals know who you are!!

So, as I prepare myself for this joyful school year filled with science projects, school plays, unlimited sports practices and countless fights with my children to do their homework, I pray to the Patience Gods to guide me through back to school time without gaining too many wrinkles or gray hairs!



8 comments on “Back to school, Mother Chuggers!”

  1. We still have a bit to go before school starts here. I can’t wait! That being said, after a couple weeks of school runs, after school clubs, projects, and tests -I’ll be waiting for the next break!

  2. My high schooler just started last week and also claimed she had no clothes! Every year lol! My youngest who homeschools doesn’t worry so much about her wardrobe 😂

  3. Hahaha this cracked me up 😛 Can’t wait for my nephew and nieces to get back to school so that we have SOME quiet time before the house implodes again. Stay strong!

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