First of all, I just like to start off by giving a virtual high five to all the single moms out there! Being a single mom for 31 Days was one of the hardest tasks I have ever had to endure!

My husband was deployed to Puerto Rico last month. He was assigned to help restore power to everyone that lost their power last fall from the hurricanes. His company is amazing and they truly do care about the well-being of other countries.

With that being said, I was left alone with my four children! Yikes! The first week was tough! I did my best to stay busy. I joined a gym, stayed active with the kids, tried to keep a schedule and reached out to friends and family for support.

Week two was the worst! My three year old asked 24 times a day, “When is daddy coming home?” The reality that I still had over 20 days to go was sinking in. Nights were lonely and I found myself just going through the motions!

Week three. Let’s just say, I had a mental breakdown. The cleaning up of messes, sleepless nights and rumor of the possibility that my hubby may have to stay another month put me right over the edge! I was trying to make it 31 days and the thought of 61 was overwhelming. My eight year old was my lifesaver! She assured me that she would help pitch in more around the house and not talk back anymore. With being in a crazy mental state, I still managed to bring my 15 year old to get his permit and attend his track meets!

Week four! The final week! It was confirmed that my husband would not stay another month and the countdown for his return began. I started to feel like the reality was getting closer to having my family back together. I imagined him walking through the doors and the kids and myself jumping all over him with excitement. I was so happy that he would be coming home.

The night he returned home was probably one of the most exciting days of my life. We have never been apart that long and the kids and I missed him like crazy! He worked so hard and both he and I just wanted things back to normal. I want to commend my husband and his coworkers for all of their hard work. I also want to applaud all of the wives that held the fort down so they could make a sacrifice like this for their families!


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