Month: November 2017

If you’re pregnant, brace yourself for all the uncalled comments this holiday season!

Chicago’s Indian summer has been forgotten, our winter coats have been put back to good use and the countdown to family holiday events is on! Holidays are full of family traditions, great food, making memories and charming inappropriate comments from loved ones. All mothers to be have received unwanted questions and comments while pregnant. Carrying a baby gives people the right to say ridiculously rude things to you or at least they believe it does. On top of being an emotional mess, pregnant woman have to fight off comments flying through the air while trying to survive life with her in-laws. I remembered my experience, asked some close mom friends and decided on the top ten inappropriate comments pregnant woman will deal with this holiday season. Enjoy!

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Holiday Whine

The holidays are supposed to be a time for giving, bringing together old friends and family, and eating lots of sweets. Holidays should be full of lots of laughter and joy! But, what if the holidays are the worst time of year, because they remind you of what you’ve lost? For instance: what if your family isn’t the happy family as shown on holiday movies? What if your hopes and dreams were shattered because of a broken family? What if the holidays remind you of what you don’t have rather than what is your living room?

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