Month: October 2017

Put the past behind you!

My family was broken apart by divorce when I was twelve. My home life was ripped away from me. I was forced to jump into the beginning of my teens when my family life was breaking up. The life I was used to was gone.

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Zenni Optical is my Newest Mom Style

What mom doesn’t want to look trendy in her leggings and tunic tops? Did you know you could buy two or three pairs of prescription glasses for the same price as your LuLaRoe or Piphany (previously known as Honey and Lace) leggings? While off work after having my twins, I became a full-fledged lover of fancy and fashionable prescription eyeglasses. I have worn contacts since seventh grade and was a huge contact wearer until recently. Sparing the extra time in the morning to get my contacts in gave me an extra few minutes of sleep. Any extra sleep this new twin mom could receive was a huge benefit!

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